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What Clients Say…

Have you ever reached a moment in your life when you say to yourself, “Enough is enough! Something’s gotta give. And I need help to make this happen!” I’m sure you can relate. This happened to me! I love my job but the stress was taking over and I had to find a way to change that! Then I found Shelley! An angel on this earth I never knew exisited. It wasn’t long before I found myself on a journey to self-awareness with Shelley by my side. It is amazing to learn how many people in this world have no real understanding of who they are. Not even me! If you have no idea who you are, how can you know where you’re going? I also learned how precious it is to appreciate ‘the present’. These days I stop to smell the roses. By this I actually mean that I have incorporated useful breathing techniques into my daily routine that help me get calm and balanced – Shelley taught me this. It is amazing how wonderful my day can be when I take time to release oxygen into my brain so that you can think more clearly and calmly. I am who I am today because of my personal desire to achieve great things in life. I could not have done this without hearing Shelley’s constant whispers. She will remain my lifetime career and leadership coach; my lifetime confidant!
D. Mills Holistic Nutritionist (in study) at Holistic Nutrition